Gibbs Gardens Bloom Calendar

Getaway to Gibbs Gardens this summer

Gibbs Rose Gardens

There’s no better place for year round relaxing and a little lazy living than Gibbs Gardens in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains. Treat yourself to an amazing day. Swap the stress, smog and city traffic for Gibbs Gardens’ 300 acres of rolling woodlands, natural springs, streams, waterfalls, and spectacular gardens.

Don’t miss our signature “Music in the Gardens” events throughout the year. Meander through one of the nation’s most spectacular gardens to the sounds of live music. Strolling musicians will greet you in the Japanese, Manor House and Waterlily gardens. Experience the harmony of nature as you enjoy live music in our shady grove of mature trees by the Arbor Café.

Gibbs Manor house gardens

Our 220 acres of landscaped gardens are bursting with summer festival blooms: thousands of vibrant roses and crape myrtles, lush sweepings beds of annuals and perennials, and spectacular waterlilies in our water gardens to name a few. Refresh your sense of wonder at Gibbs Gardens.

Daffodil Festival
— starts March 1st and ends April 15th. Over 20 years, more than 3,000,000 bulbs have been planted. The most planted in one year was 215,000 bulbs. Each year a daffodil bulb divides producing even more. One of the largest daffodil gardens in the United States covering more than 50 acres.

Cherry Blossom Festival — starts in March and ends two weeks later. Over 500 cherry trees planted.

Dogwood Festival — starts in April and ends two to three weeks later depending on the weather. Thousands of mature native dogwoods throughout 300 acres.

Azalea Festival — starts in April and continues through the summer into Fall. More than 1,000 azaleas, including Kurume, Indica, Satsuki and native azaleas.

Fern Dell Festival — starts in April and grows more lush each day through October. This is one of the largest natural ferneries in the country, sprawling alongside stream beds for more than half a mile in the Valley Gardens.

Rhododendron Festival — starts in May and ends two to three weeks later. More than 150 varieties and over 1,000 rhododendron plants.

Rose Festival — starts the first week of May and continues until November. Over 1,000 roses are in bloom.

Hydrangea Festival — starts in May and ends in October. We have planted over 150 varieties totaling more than 1,400 plants.

Waterlily Festival — starts in May and ends in November. Over 140 varieties comprised of hardy and tropical waterlilies in all colors.

Daylily Festival — starts in June and ends in August. Over 500 varieties and thousands of daylilies.

Crape Myrtle Festival — starts in July and ends in August. Over 1,000 trees bloom in shades of pink, red, white and lavender.

Annuals and Perennials Festival — From the Flower Bridge to Manor House Gardens’ seven terraces, massive plantings of thousands of annuals and perennials bejewel the landscape throughout the Gardens. They are beautiful in every season and create spectacular displays in summer.

Wildflower Festival — starts in September and ends in November - 20 acres of rolling topography feature Golden Rod, Asters, Sumac and native grasses.

Japanese Maples Festival — Starts in mid-October and runs through mid-November. Thousands of Japanese Maples in more than 100 varieties add beauty and grace to the Gardens. There are more than 75 varieties alone represented in the Japanese Gardens.

Octoberfest — starts in October and ends in November. Thousands of trees covering 292 acres provide spectacular fall color. By the end of October thousands of Japanese Maples including more than 75 varieties come into color.